I am bored and since this board is active prep for a debate..covies vs Sw Empire

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Using numbers to make Star Wars win is stupid because most sci-fi authors are weak writers and pull things out of their asses to sound smart. Giga sounds big so lets say that. Oh, wait, applying real world physics to fiction without thinking doesn't work.

Lol sci-fi writing.
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Random gibberish about the Xeelee that no one cares about.

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ITT: autism
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This topic is stupidly one-sided in favor of the empire.

A more interesting debate would be Mandalorians Vs Spartans.

Or Energy Swords Vs Lightsabers.
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--Hope-- posted...
The battle is as follows...keeping in mind that this battle takes place over/on reach and the empire just got out of hyperspace and is now moving star destroyers in surprise attack position.

Air units:

4 covenant corvettes
1 covenant assault carrier as the main flag ship with fleetmaster on board
600 seraphs, 100 space warfare banshees, 200 phantoms, 100 liches, 100 vampire craft
-covie battlecruisers, and the Truth and Reconciliation as the arbiter's flagship

4 victory class star destroyers each equipped with "base delta zero" tools
Executer as the flagship with Tarkin on board, 800 tie fighters, 300 tie intercepters equipped with boarding pods, 270 landing craft with mounted E-Web turrets, 150 tartan class anti fighter patrol cruisers, 150 tie bombers, and one "Bellator" class super star destroyer as Admiral Piett's flagship

Ground units:


Since ground units are usually so vast I am not going to do #'s.
-You halo fanboys know what covie units there are, and if Pluton is entered into the battle so is starkiller...so yeah..I've done my homework, halo legends, all halo series the works....Halo Mythos (the comics) is NOT included in this battle, only halo series games halo 1, halo 2, halo 3, halo 3 odst, halo wars, halo reach and halo 4 as well as halo legends based units
-Only pick one arbiter( if I were you I would go with Ripa moramee)


-For Empire the leader is darth vader from force unleashed, keeping in mind he is still in his prime not old raspy vader from episode 6.
-Other leaders include Kir Kanos, Mara jade and Maximillian veers. Also present is none other than Darth Sidious, also in his prime just after episode 3.

Since the majority of halo fanboys are not familiar with empire some of the ground forces are as follows:

Stormtroopers, riot-troopers, red guard, storm commandos/orbital drop commandos, heavy environmental suit troopers, jet pack troopers etc..

Saved the best soldiers for last...Boba Fett, Bosk, and Dengar are all hired on for the job...

MC solos them all.
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I think Protoss vs. Covies would be more interesting.
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Fiasco MC would lose to the weakest jedi
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ssj3blade posted...
Fiasco MC would lose to the weakest jedi

You can't think I was serious saying MC would solo hundreds of starships and thousands of ground troops
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fiasco86 posted...
I think Protoss vs. Covies would be more interesting.

Protoss would give covies the DEEEEEE
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Executor alone takes out all of the covies. I don't even think the much larger High Charity could stop the Empire.
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