Check out my sick railgun kill

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WARRlOR posted...
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Can't quite tell, but it looks like he might have had overshield, did you bother to follow him in theater mode to check?

U dummy

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Another reason the railgun doesn't need to be in the game.
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LOL, that is ridiculous
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Halo 4 is such a good game.
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confirmed defective:
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why arent you zooming in on his spartan to see if its actually hitting?
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his shield wasn't up after the rail, and then came up when I BR'd. That means that the railgun didn't touch him at all.
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#18COG_KillaPosted 7/14/2013 10:37:22 AM
In the first video, I can tell that it hit him. That BS has happened to me a few times.
In the second video, it's kinda iffy; it looked like it went slightly to the left and behind him.
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