So die Halo 4: GOTY mean no Halo 2 Anniversary?

#11Blade_Runner_07Posted 9/3/2013 11:00:19 AM
At this rate. It would be nice if 343 took Halo and fell off the map for awhile.
Support Halo 4 sure, but how about take say, 3 years and develop a new Halo. Get the hype train going again on something revolutionary.

Right now Halo is just one of the top dogs in an endless sea of FPS mutts. It's an almost annual franchise like COD or Battlefield.
While there is nothing wrong with that, I do miss the days when the next Halo game was as highly anticipated as the next GTA/MGS/Half-Life game.
#12Spoke_WreckerPosted 9/4/2013 12:11:49 PM
What I never understood was why people expected Halo 2 Anniversary.

Do you know why Halo 1 was remade into an anniversary special? To signify that Halo had lasted and thrived for 10 years, and as a celebration they took the first game and remade it in the current generation.

We don't need to Celebrate Halo 2 that way, there would be literally no point. Let's not forget that we didn't get any of the Multiplayer maps from Halo 1 with the anniversary game, which would literally be the only reason why anyone would want to buy Halo 2 anymore. Let's also not forget that the online game play for the Anniversary pack was just Halo: Reach, meaning that the multi-player formula is going to be based off of whichever current Halo is out (I.E. if they decided to drop Halo 2 Anniversary right now, the online multi-player would just be an extension of Halo 4)... Which means no more dual wielding, no more trick combo's, none of the stuff that made Halo 2 what it was.
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