Frank O'Conner on the future of competitive Halo

#1jesse_skaterPosted 9/6/2013 5:40:37 PM

Worth the read...
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I want spectator mode.

I suck at the game so I want to be able to watch it nicely >.>
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#3solidlink247Posted 9/6/2013 7:14:58 PM(edited)
Spectator mode would be cool. Jesse, I'm interested in your thoughts of what Halo could do to be better. Whether that means changing stuff in H4 or just waiting for H5 to make changes.
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#4jakethenoobPosted 9/6/2013 10:07:09 PM
There's no way Halo 5 won't have a spectator mode. Call of Duty does it, so that means Halo will too.
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#5elitewarrior500Posted 9/6/2013 11:13:22 PM
spectator mode would be nice however i kinda cringed every time he mentioned accessable
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oh ok
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stupid, imo. he just uses a lot of buzz words, not a lot of meaningful stuff in there. whenever a real topic is about to be addressed he uses the famous cop out 'im not allowed to talk about that yet'
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I thought that was honestly a good interview as far as the future for Halo. If they throw a 4v4 tournament on that level so many people would come back to compete for the money. Maybe MLG would see the success and pick Halo back up. Or maybe h5 will actually be good. Either way, I'm optimistic that Halo can't really get any worse from what it has been recently.
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I want a completely refined ordnance drop system. Other than the randomness and overflow of power weapons I love the concept of ordnance drops. The way they explode onto the battlefield or teleport indoors from the infinity ups the immersion as if you are indeed in a war simulation. Personal ordnance drops need to be more point specific to where you are looking. Im tired of my ordnance dropping meters from where I'm looking or into enemy line of sight.
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solidlink247 posted...
Spectator mode would be cool. Jesse, I'm interested in your thoughts of what Halo could do to be better. Whether that means changing stuff in H4 or just waiting for H5 to make changes.

There's a lot of stuff that should not have been changed in Halo 4. I'm not going to beat the dead horse all to much here but Halo 4's biggest problem is lack of de-scope. Not getting scoped out in Halo is stupid. No clue why they thought that was going to be a good idea. The ordnance system is complete garbage. Random ordnance breaks the game because people could be losing/having a close game...then a random sniper falls from the sky next to you and you snipe someone and win the game. Even ordnance drops that are not random like in throwdown suck. even though there set, timed ordnance drops. When snipe comes up in shows everyone because of the icon on the screen. Same with oversheild. Takes away skill from the game because people dont have to worry about remembering times on power weapons. Lets say you pick up the sniper, everyone in the game knows that someone picked it up because the icon disappears. If they dont see a teammate over there when the icon goes away, they know you have it taking away the element of surprise.

that is imo the biggest problems with the game...i guess it could use some better maps too though.
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Topics like this remind me of how much less I've come to care about this game than some people.
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