Windmark vs Rippa moramee

#1xX_ZeUs_XxPosted 10/3/2013 10:33:14 PM

Has the ability to literally walk into any moment in history or future. (Teleport through time)
No aging
Super strength
Super speed ( can walk through time, freeze time etc.)
Extreme high level mathematic calculations ( can literally see the future, and can catch any projectile )

Weapons and Gadgets:
Sonic frequency gun
gadget that allows him to hear conversations in any room (that he is in) that occurred days, hours before...

Escaped a blast of 10 city blocks wide within 1 second. Teleport.

Fill in guys about Rippa. You people should know enough about him...
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wuat iz dis
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Rippa Moramee is the arbiter from Halo Wars, and has only appeared in Halo wars. I doubt anyone will know anything about him. All I know about him is what I just said above. Absolutely no clue who Windmark is. I personally hate these stupid topics, and I doubt you'll get much of a discussion on an obscure character from Halo Wars on a Halo 4 forum. Wrong board, dude.