Big Team is ruined

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Big Team was always my favorite Halo gametype, but ever since the weapons tuning it has been terrible. But ever since they added more vehicles it has been unplayable! Seriously there is a manthis (imo the manthis is by far the worse thing in this multiplayer) on like every map! Its terrible! I want the old DMR Halo 4 back.
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Since the weapons tuning? Really?

BT is ruined, but that's because of PP and PG, not stronger precision weapons.
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TheFalloutDude posted...
I want the old DMR Halo 4 back.

Admittedly, the fact that the DMR was the only usable precision weapon basically meant that it kinda resembled the older Halos, what with the fact that there was only one real precision weapon (and the pistol, if you somehow ran out of ammo for your BR/DMR). However, I do quite enjoy my Carbine.
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He's trolling. There's no way people actually liked DMR fests in BTB.
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Quote:He's trolling. There's no way people actually liked DMR fests in BTB.

Good bean-flicking exercise though..
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