Halo tonight anyone?

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2 years ago#1
Just watching Netflix. If anyone hops on, shoot me an invite.
GT: Jesse I3aker
2 years ago#2
I may get on after 10:30 or so. I'd be down for some Reach snipes or 1s.
Love is no fun with protection
2 years ago#3
GT: Jesse I3aker
2 years ago#4
Time Travel is possible: you can go backwards or forward in your life with your current mindset and redo it from that time.

It's a pill that does it. It transports your mind to the inner dimension and sends it to your ideal year.

I did this pill in 2051.

As of 4/20/2014, the future isn't too interesting. I'm shortly kicked out of the house and become homeless. I start chillin' around Dorothy's Kitchen, get into heavy drugs with others and eventually hitch a ride out of state to Oregon.

In Oregon things get interesting: I join a gang, and continue down the path of drugs, at this point I'm making a living at some stupid daytime job and living in some rusty old apartment building. I get sent to prison for murder.

Eventually scientists invent time travel, but the catch is, you're stuck with your current mindset regardless and can only go back to points of your life or forward. It is HIGHLY recommended you go back, as going forward can permanently destroy/alter your life as you have no idea what you just did and thus can't react/remember particular things.

I was given a pill and was told it was a time traveling device, as in simply think a year whilst swallowing and you go there. It's incredibly important to focus. This pill has a 12% failure rate, but a success means your mind was transferred to your current location successfully.

I chose 4/20/2014. In other words, my current mindset is from 2051. Ask me anything about the future.
best videogame player ever at all games im serious GT's: a Sector Niner, yPPoLs
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