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Trading Spec code for dewxp (Archived)NarutoUzushio71/19/2013
Dbl xp codes (Archived)JackieMoon3311/19/2013
How do I DL and play player made maps made in forge? (Archived)Andronicus8721/19/2013
offline experience gain? (Archived)Chykka_Black51/19/2013
Lowkey, I wish they say they won't make a halo 5. (Archived)Help_One91/19/2013
I wish there was an in game license exam for warthog drivers that was mandatory (Archived)
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Holy crap, are the lobbies getting worse or is it just me? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
can you not play SP ops with random people? if so how? (Archived)Andronicus8761/18/2013
Trading fotus Avatar code for some Dew codes! (Archived)yoyo365031/18/2013
Is there a group of people who make awesome forge maps and play CTF and stuff (Archived)BignutzisBack61/18/2013
Can you unlock all armor offline? (Archived)MasterVading61/18/2013
Just got my commando, thank god (Archived)
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Halo 3 odst (Archived)H3YGUYS34101/18/2013
infinity challenge finals ending?? (Archived)cosmicstarfish131/18/2013
Halo 4 drops to fourth on XBL activity charts... (Archived)
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Anyone want to check out my montage? @2:13 I killed bradx0r (Archived)I0l61/18/2013
Giving away arctic BR skin, FREE (Archived)
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has anything changed since late november? (Archived)the_reaper84941/18/2013
How is the activity for Halo3 and Reach? (Archived)Private_Noob61/18/2013
How many rounds per magazine do you get with the ammo upgrade? (Archived)Donaron1361/18/2013
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