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Oh you're my best friend (Archived)NightmareDuriel712/18/2012
If you are juuuust at sr-70 (Archived)
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Rate my Spartan (Archived)iFi_Salamander312/18/2012
Hail Mary Medal. (Archived)The_87_Reaper912/18/2012
Playing the campaign offline (Archived)jb_22vols212/18/2012
looking for people to play with (Archived)guzzo01721212/18/2012
Anyone collect the halo 4 mega bloks? (Archived)AyumiSqueezetoy712/18/2012
is it just me or is the lag terribad today? (Archived)blackninja4ever812/18/2012
[Looking For: Rercruit Prime or Forest Hazop][ I Have: Web CIO, Halo 4 Xbox DLC (Archived)
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Playlists (Archived)sephiroth_1012412/18/2012
trading halo 4 specializations code for deadeye or maybe another offer. (Archived)guzzo01721312/18/2012
,..patch made my console not recognize the maps....and I paid for them (Archived)Yochodo912/18/2012
This game sure is fun to play by yourself (Archived)ut2k3712/18/2012
So... can't we technically file a class action suit for MS taking the maps? (Archived)
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I only played slayer pro since release buy now have to play infinity..... (Archived)
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dew xp (Archived)GotThat415Swag212/18/2012
Any word on a multi-team playlist? (Archived)Banterrific312/18/2012
Anyone wanna run CTF in like 45 minutes? (Archived)SLOPPYYYYYYYYYY812/18/2012
Halo Reach VS. Halo 4 (Archived)
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I will not buy any Halo 4 dlc if my crimson is removed (Archived)
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