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Answered Halo 4 Questions (Archived)
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Those with the 711 app. Are you getting free hail to the king medals? (Archived)Smackdowner1612/17/2012
It's incredible how many times I've been stuck by plasma grenades. (Archived)Phoenixmon2412/17/2012
Adrift is the worst map in this game. (Archived)
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When will the Crimson map pack be locked? (Archived)TBONE_OG312/17/2012
Just looked at my Halo 2 stats on (Archived)
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funny how you hit WARGAMES and it puts you on the dlc playlist (Archived)
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Okay I need a group or team (Archived)Aqua_The_Color212/17/2012
Secondary Question (Archived)IvIe12CiL3SS412/17/2012
you know what I love more than anything? (Archived)plincoln21712/17/2012
Can you switch Specializations at any time? (Archived)WHITERYNO1191512/17/2012
Trading Locus helmet, Spec, and other codes (Archived)
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I got the LE, and XBOX live keeps sending me messages with a spec code. (Archived)Hobospartan212/17/2012
Why playing Oddball with Randoms is a bad idea... (Archived)
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make everyone start with the ar (Archived)halorecon87912/17/2012
Hey, I bought the game at launch and still have NO message about specialization? (Archived)Papa Ge0rgio912/17/2012
Halo 4 infinity challenge (Archived)TwoSc00ps912/17/2012
Created Map (Archived)BreathFire4201012/17/2012
Microsoft banning users from online features due to Halo 4 DLC debacle (Archived)
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Why do 343 & Microsoft hate money? (Archived)
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