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Promethean vision (Archived)oldgr3gg09812/15/2012
I refuse to play Complex (Archived)
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Crimson Achievements Boosting (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Is there any way to tell how many terminals I have collected? (Archived)BignutzisBack312/15/2012
Looking for players to play with occasionally. (Archived)ShadowMaster684312/15/2012
ATTN rimshot 415 (swag) (Archived)
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Kc57 the modern day Robin Hood (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Anyone want to help me play campaign on Heroic or something? (Archived)Top_Secretz_808112/15/2012
Did they take out the Grenade Sprint trick? (nt) (Archived)jakeDiLLa512/15/2012
Crimson map pack won't work why? (Archived)Dye_Ultralite45612/15/2012
Crimson Map Pack LAG????? (Archived)RyuHayabusa624812/15/2012
Okay, it's been out long enough now. The file share not working still is garbage (Archived)ThirtyThr33212/15/2012
Need help making game modes (Archived)ghost_of_nappa712/15/2012
Getting a team together for the "No One Left Behind" achievement (Archived)Rednacht312/15/2012
Sign if you are 1250/1250 Complete! (Archived)
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Another Tedious and Cliche topic... (Archived)GarrusJuice512/15/2012
lets play mlg/agl customs (Archived)
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Spec code (Archived)FalconXX7412/15/2012
Should I save Spartan Points? (Archived)Banterrific612/15/2012
looking for fun female (Archived)NightmareDuriel312/15/2012
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