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I love you Damage Boost (Archived)
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So, now that it's possible to volunteer and be Spartans... (Archived)tarzanmx912/14/2012
Exact time for 5950xp in Spartan Ops? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Specializations (Archived)FalconXX7212/14/2012
Infinity Challenge Infinity Slayer Playlist on the 17th? Wut? (Archived)supabilly312/14/2012
The Battle Rifle (Archived)strangerock312/14/2012
can't even beleive what just happended in a ****ing game i was playing (Archived)
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custom controller that can map face buttons on the back of the controller (Archived)darren19822000712/14/2012
Just got the Venator armor... (Archived)MrArmageddon81012/14/2012
File share? (Archived)shadowlucas27512/14/2012
Another DMR Post among other things (Archived)bkop812/14/2012
Anyone want to trade for the Gamestop emblems? (Archived)oJoRdAn23o412/14/2012
Amazing what a simple thing can do. (Archived)huerito323112/14/2012
Kill replays show otherwise (Archived)HUSSman712/14/2012
So wtf is that thing...? (Archived)ODomm912/14/2012
About the crimson map pack download thing. (a question) (Archived)MrFail112/14/2012
About to start a session! (Archived)PDGMTG112/14/2012
This game is for EASY MODE casuals. (Archived)
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Another crimson map pack lobby (Archived)
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Boosting crimson map packs. (Archived)
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