Length of the games?

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Man o Man...Chill guys..He must be an extremist who would buy a console or a portable just to play the series he loves..So he expects all to be like him which clearly is not the case here.
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Req said it best. Casual everywhere. They tend to disappear in short order and be replaced for a few cycles.
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Yes, it would be foolish to get a system (console or handheld) for just one series.
As I said, there are more than enough games in the PSP library, if you can not find five or ten games that interest you, move along.

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I wouldn't say it's foolish to buy a system just for one game...I see it more as that one game is what starts a person down the path of a new experience. Surely that one game won't be the only one purchased on the system (at least I hope not) I bought my original Playstation just for FF7....and the PSOne turned out to be an amazing adventure. If I thought it was foolish to buy a system for one game...I might not have ever bought a Playstation and just stuck with Nintendo.