Sly Cooper And The Thievieus Raccoonus Review

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Check out my Sly Cooper And The Thievieus Raccoonus Review.
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sweet dude sweet you did freaking AWESOME you did pretty good i agree mz. ruby is HEll or HELLBRINGER!!! i hate the racing levels they take too long for me and soon (sorry if i react to heavly) I START RIPPING HEADS OFF AND SCREAM AT MY HAMPSTER AND THE I START TRANSFORMING INTO A DRAGON AND EAT JUSTIN BIBEIR'S HEAD OFF MY SISTERS DOLLS RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *spits fire and critasizes hampster* sorry i hope that wasn't just to much "see yah!!!" *screams at orange stop hitting on my grandma!!!* runs to china and starts screaming at chinese hapsters i like pie
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Sly 2 review up.....
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all that is said is true sly cooper was one of my first games and i commend u and am over joyed about ur opinion and i hope i meet you in the world of games one day
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For those who are interested, here's another Sly Cooper related video I made on my OTHER channel. It's me talking about Sly 4, since that's kinda what this board is about, anyways.

Voice your opinions on my opinions. I believe I stated everything that I want in there as of this point in the video, and I'd like you guys to tell me anything you think I should have included. I'll be doing a video on gadgets for Sly 4, (in my opinion), soon, of which I'll update this topic when I do.
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bump till the next link.
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The Sly trilogy is kinda like the Jak trilogy, maybe not to the same extreme, but the gameplay changed quite a bit from 1 to 2+3.

Even so, I think the original is the best for sure. Sly 2 has quite a bit of content, while 3 has plenty of variety.
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My Sly 3 review is up.....
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No, offense, but I don't think anyone really cares. A new review of a game that came out a decade ago isn't going to appeal to many people.
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I kinda understand what you're talking about, but slyfan1300 seems to care, so if one person cares, then I care. Plus, those reviews aren't the only links that appear up here. I've posted links from my other channel talking about Sly 4, and I'll end up posting more int he future, and when Sly 4 comes out, and I finish it, and review it, then I'll post that link here, too.