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I want this game for my vita, but some things are bothering me. (Archived)MishimaBlood112/31/2012
Got this for christmas, great game. (Archived)Devil875412/29/2012
does the computers even need to charge (Archived)fan615boy312/28/2012
about this.. (Archived)policemenman312/25/2012
This almost seems like a waste of money (Archived)ervinp891012/25/2012
How do I unlock the blacked out characters? (Archived)NewportBox100s212/24/2012
Good News! Capcom has just started sending out vouchers! (Pics Inside) (Archived)
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Voucher Code Exchange (Archived)bigblue80312/17/2012
Anyone know how to contact Capcom? (Archived)jjefferson13212/17/2012
How much is the bonus dlc alone worth? (Archived)ultimalegion212/17/2012
dlc qustion (Archived)fan615boy512/16/2012
DLC Vita Issue (Archived)Tirnoth212/3/2012
Can I fight 1 on 1? (Archived)Rip3465212/1/2012
I just got a email from capcom with new vouchers. (Archived)DevilStrider511/30/2012
Better to get this on the Vita or PS3? (Archived)SCCAN85311/29/2012
its nov 6 and the dlc issue is not fixed.... (Archived)
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Blocking means very little... (Archived)
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Can you change the way you block? (Archived)iCeThEeCrEaToR7611/23/2012
arcade fight request (Archived)shin23111/22/2012
Great game but Mortal Kombat Vita is still king (Archived)
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