A bit of encouragement for everyone.

#1MaldovarPosted 5/14/2012 2:12:54 AM
For anyone who has been struggling with this game I just wanted to say you can beat any challenge with a mix of luck and enough patience to figure out the strategy needed. I just got the platinum tonight after about 2 weeks of trying on and off and most of the games I was struggling with had some trick or another to them or simply needed the game to play out in just the right way in order for things to come together (Hot Shots 40 ball streak I'm looking at you!) and when they finally did I had spent enough time trying to get them that I knew the game well enough to take advantage.

So keep at it, and hope to see some more people manage to complete this game!

If anyone needs a tip or two feel free to post. I'll be sending the game back to Gamefly tomorrow, but I'll try to check in to see if I can help out anywhere.