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4 years ago#1
been trying for a while now the highest i can get it to is 280mph
i have a complete upgrade tree so my questions are:

what car did you use?
what upgrades did you use?
and what track ?

thx in advance to whoever can help me
4 years ago#2
I used a track with a long straightaway (I think the 3rd one) and used the HI nitrous option. Just went into lap time attack and went around the course until I got all 3 tanks full, then just activated all three at once at the start of the straightaway and your speed should get up to 291mph.
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3 years ago#3
This is how I did it:

Car: Crinale
Upgrade A: Hi Nitrous
Upgrade B: Auto Nitrous Charge
Upgrade C: Final lap boost

Track: Southbay Docks

What I did was drive the track until the 3rd lap. On that lap I then waited until I got to the corner after the small left right chicane after the big hairpin. On this corner go to the far right, drift and as soon as the car faces the straight afterwards, hit the triple hi nitrous and you should get it easily. (I got 302mph by doing this).
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