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3 years ago#1
Hi All

A lot of my friends don't get this game and if anyone is interested in adding me it would be appreciated as it's always more fun trying to beat others times on your scoreboard.

I am a casual gamer and would so i'm 'okay' at Trials but nothing special. Did a couple of the extreme tracks on the original game but only a couple and after about 3000 tries.

If anyone wants to add me as a casual gamer to compete/compare scores with by all means do so.

I have only put in about 30 mins on the game so far but will be having a 'proper' bash at it tomorrow evening (perhaps even tonight if the wife says so!!).

My GT is: natsacBS21

3 years ago#2
I will add you, I am in the same boat (only one friend with the game). In trials HD and so far in Evo I am having great fun with the medium and hard tracks, and the extremes are fairly tough for me.
3 years ago#3
Great Cheers
3 years ago#4
I'll add you :) GT: PurusNox
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3 years ago#5
I'll add you also. I am average and would love to have more people to compare times with. Anyone else feel free to add me as well. Gamertag is Pre5k777
3 years ago#6
I will add you. Always good to get more players to compete with.

If anyone wants to add me please do.
Trials Evo Track maker. GT LovecraftUK.
3 years ago#7
Add me, gt is in my sig.
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3 years ago#8
I'll add you my GT is dazeweeble
3 years ago#9
Hi. I've been playing this game for a while and will even have some created tracks to share. My username is Carmotrigger7.
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3 years ago#10
GT: Belzelee

I'm an average player, all golds on medium and silver on hard (but am going to work on improving those, inbetween sessions on skyrim (PC) and ssx (PS3)), so don't bother adding me if you are some kind of god tier player who platinums the extreme tracks on the the first try lol, you would just make me depressed :P
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