I want to get this right now for the multiplayer...

#1EvocoPosted 4/29/2012 6:58:21 PM
I played the trial (GET IT!!!!! lol) and loved the game, but really wanted to play it in multiplayer as it seem it would be very funny and chaotic?

Is this how it really is or is the multiplayer not as active and/or laggy?
#2SheepinatorPosted 4/29/2012 7:16:15 PM
It's fun. You also get tons of user tracks to dl and play MP on too. Even if you never touched MP at all, there's still a ton of content and value.
#3Roxas_1124Posted 4/29/2012 7:22:48 PM
Incredibly fun. If you get the full game, add me. Gt below.
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#4Evoco(Topic Creator)Posted 4/29/2012 7:23:42 PM
Yes!!!!!! Good to hear.

#5EntropianPosted 4/30/2012 9:34:22 AM
MP is actually pretty weak sauce. The physics are totally different from SP, bikes are extra floaty and slow. Its kinda like playing trials of limbo w/ other people.
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#6beautifuldreamsPosted 4/30/2012 10:29:29 AM
how floaty are we talking?
#7qbicfeetPosted 4/30/2012 10:51:45 AM
beautifuldreams posted...
how floaty are we talking?

It's not that bad at all, but it's noticeable. The bikes are a bit slower.
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#8cancanmanstanPosted 5/1/2012 12:52:16 PM
I prefer the single player but will still put in a lot of time on the multi before I'm through. It's very solid, I just generally enjoy single player gaming more.