Silence (part 3) is up. GT: Leeoboy11

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3 years ago#1
So I uploaded the third in the series.

Track name: silence (part 3)
GT: Leeoboy11

Feedback would be greatly appreciated as always! I will most likely make one more to the series and end it there. I believe my idea for the final one will be the best one I make, if I can accomplish my vision lol.
3 years ago#2
Not as good as the first two, but still quite enjoyable. Not a BAD track by any means, but some of the "driving over the red water" portions just felt repetitive, sure, they are only 2-3 seconds each, but I felt you could have used some other method to transition into the next part of the track. Some special effect or something. Still, yours is my favorite "series" of tracks so far!
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3 years ago#3
Sorry man with all the "HELL" levels goin up this was a letdown from your 2 previous works. You had a great story driven silent hill type vibe. If you get the chance keep goin with that.
3 years ago#4
You made the first two? I apologize, I just got the game. Kinda OT, but the other two are definitely commendable.
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3 years ago#5
Thanks for all the feedback on here and over live! I noticed the large amount of bloody river/hell maps go up as well. A bummer since it's not too unique.

Ive started the finale earlier today. I'm going back to the original template that I started with. This will most likely be my last one.
But I will continue with other tracks. They won't be released as quickly though.

I hope to get two to three more out before I head to Massachusetts.

Once again thanks for the feedback and support!
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  3. Silence (part 3) is up. GT: Leeoboy11

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