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3 years ago#1
Recently I've come across plenty of these kind of forums and from what I've seen, most people claim to like Evolution better because it is easier, it looks better and downloading user-created tracks is a decent bonus feature. But personally I thought HD was more enjoyable. Mostly because the skill needed to beat the extreme tracks, getting platinum on any tracks and generally getting your name on the leaderboards is something that kept me coming back everytime. Yes Evo looks better and trying out user-created tracks was fun, but Trials HD as a game was simply better. Anybody else agree?
3 years ago#2
3 years ago#3

I'll elaborate. I'll agree that the difficulty in HD was greater - in Evo it's easier to finish the hardest tracks, and getting golds and platinums is easier in general. And while I miss the difficulty sometimes, I enjoy the fact that platinums actually seem attainable on a few of the extreme tracks. It's motivating.

As far as the leaderboards go, it shouldn't be any different, that's all on the users. And unless you're already #1 on a bunch of tracks, I don't see how you could complain about the lack of competition there.

And then you've got Track Central, the outdoor environments, and the improved editor. All 3 add a lot to the experience.
3 years ago#4

Yes I do agree that the track editor side of the game is fun and addicting. However I just can't seem to enjoy the gimmicky side of the game at all, (the skill games in particular). There was something about HD that kept me coming back everyday. Maybe it was the challenge or the bike-focused skill games, it just generally seemed more addicting and fun to play. I do wish it had multiplayer though...

3 years ago#5
I'm torn, I loved HD's bike physics but maybe that's the three years of constant playing. I need more time to come to an educated conclusion. The community for HD was awesome, I always had the 200 track limit full so the track downloading wasn't a problem. I love having outdoor environements and water in Evo...ask again in like a year, lol.
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3 years ago#6
Evo is TrialsHD++

+ more expansive environments
+ Track Central
+ online play
+ tracks go in and out of the screen, like I love that one going around the castle (some user tracks take this feature too far though...)

A common criticism is Evo is easy. In what way? The medals are arbitrary lines in the sand. You can always push yourself against self, friends, leaderboards, etc. If the gold medal times were lowered a few seconds the game itself would be identical, it's just you might have fewer cookies (medals) on your stats screen. That doesn't make the game easier or harder. It certainly feels just as hard to me wrt Platinums.
3 years ago#7
I spent a lot of time with the skill games of Trials HD, and I have to say I think that these are pretty lackluster, I golded all of them in a few days. My favorite ones from HD were the breaking targets one, and the height one. I don't think any of the Evo skill games are based on your skill with the bike, on those 2 games, bouncing off the flippers and landing on the ramps was really fun and definitely took tons of skill to land them right. I doubt anyone is gonna make a skill game based on those that is really high quality.
3 years ago#8
You can't really call Trials Evo "easy". Ok, so you platinum every track and skill game, then you just go and improve your times even more. Still too easy? Aim for the world records. The game is clearly too easy for you if you have a WR on every single track. Try downloading some ninja tracks from track central. I recommend Ego Destroyer 3.
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