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3 years ago#1
So how the Hell do I kill 12 bears! I made one of those master approval things but I still get overwhelmed by all of them before I can even kill three of them. Playing on the hard difficulty. Any ideas?
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3 years ago#2
Cheap way: With your back to a cliff and a bear chasing you, jump backwards off the cliff. The bear will follow you and die. Grapple hook back onto solid ground and repeat for all bears.

Another cheap way: Explosive Spheres / Fainting Spheres.

Stealth way: Get onto higher ground that bears can't reach and wait until they are not alerted (note in Anki Forest, there is a bear on the big raised area at the back but it is still possible to run and hang on a ledge until it gives up looking). Wait until one bear is by itself, or lure it with an item/yourself, and stealth kill it. Repeat. It will take a while since bears stay alert long and you have to attack them by themselves. If another bear sees you while stealth killing another, he will most likely have time to run up to you and kill you while you're stuck in your stealth kill animation. You just have to be patient. And the experience reward for stealth killing every bear (and not just Zankoku) is worth it.
3 years ago#3
Cool thanks again Liv! I did it the stealth way for the most part and made a bunch of masters approval items to help. The exp gain was insane.
Candy: Tastes like chicken, if chicken was a candy.
3 years ago#4
You can also throw bears so maybe try throwing them off the cliff too.

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