First in-game bug I noticed: Lost character record, color plates.

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5 years ago#1
I don't know if anyone experienced any in game bug yet. The game was running smooth until 1 hr ago, when I was trying to switch language/game difficulty. (I also unlocked Saiki at that time)

I then, trying to edit character custom colors which I been doing a lot. To my surprised, I noticed Mai lost all her color plates I already unlocked. I went on the character stats menu and noticed her use time record decrease from about 20 to 4? The custom Mai I already created by using the hidden color plates are still the same, but that means I can't adjust it anymore.

The rest of the character stats/color plates stay where it was. I've change game difficulty a few times before, so the game bug might have to do with the language changed. *In case you ask, my game begin in Traditional Chinese, but the letter is very blurry so I switch back to English*

Anyone experience the same problem? Like lost character stats record, lost color plates you already unlocked etc.

*I tried to make my language as clear as possible, sorry English isn't my first languages*
5 years ago#2
I've had the same problem of lost character stats-- my Raiden had at least ten, since I unlocked his first set of colors yesterday, but when I checked it today it was down to eight. Some of the other characters who I had used maybe five or six times, were down to zero.
5 years ago#3
I was browsing There are players already encounter the same issue. They lost character stats on Mai, Yuri etc. (Mai again!) Lost color edit plates etc.

Two mentioned if you use Billy in arcade mode, they experiences freeze game issue.

It took me so long to collect color plates/character stats, it is very frustrating when I have to redo them again. I hope SNKP or Atlus will come up a game patch to fix the bug.
5 years ago#4
I had this happen...

I really hope they fix this bug... They already made the color unlock kinda annoying; however, it is made considerably worse by them suddenly disappearing...
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5 years ago#5
I just had it happen again, it seems as soon as I unlock anything, I lose it the next time I start the game. I'm guessing they're going to release a "color unlock" DLC first, then patch the problem a few weeks later.
5 years ago#6
Well that DLC to unlock colors better be free or just a patch update because this is some BS.

It's happened to Yuri, Mai, and Ash for me. At least the customized save doesn't reset =/

Still its annoying enough that you have to pick the character 10times to unlock each row. Considering there are like 6 extra rows that likes picking a character 60times... then to have it all erased for no good reason.
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5 years ago#7
heh, compenstation. Not that I'd ever pay for microsoft paint colours anyway.
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5 years ago#8
More colors for Color Edit *new*

Every ten times you select a character, another row of colors becomes available in color edit mode.

Contributed By: IAmMC2.
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5 years ago#9
I think it's only the online usage of the character that gets lost. If you use them in arcade/versus/etc., that isn't affected.
5 years ago#10
What a letdown... SNKP should patch it ASAP.
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