Any tips for a non skilful player

#1rugbylad1988Posted 12/16/2012 4:20:11 PM
Hey sorry if this has been asked before but just joined the site and first post. Just wondering who is the easiest to master and any tips to get me going. As title says not generally good at fighting games but wanna change that :D cheers!
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I would start by picking a character that seems interesting to you, then go from there. Try to complete as many of their trials as possible, and practice some of the combos in training. Some are easier than others, but I have always preferred to use my favorite characters, as opposed to the three easiest picks.

If you've played other fighters, some of the concepts carry over to KoF. I have always preferred KoF to any other fighting game, but it can be pretty overwhelming. Combos play a bigger role, and it is one of the more offense oriented games out there. should get you started with picking a character/basic system, but there are plenty of other resources on the internet. Good luck!

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Cheers mate, shall have a look at that site and just dedicate myself to be the best lol
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Don't be discouraged if you can't complete a single Trial at first. I played Kof for a long time before XIII and still the Trials stopped me in my tracks. It didn't happen until I was really accustomed to the game much much later that I could beat only 50% of them for individual characters. Just keep playing around with characters you like, try things new and see if they connect or whatever.

Keep picking around for a character that feels right to you. All the characters are very unique and some are easy for others and others not. Like the other guy said pick ones you think look the coolest or you like and go from there. Practice mode is your friend. But you have to remember you will be fighting something that is fighting back eventually so just keep that in mind when practicing.

After awhile you'll just see how things connect and know what to do. But for now just poke around and feel the game.
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