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Korea vs Japan (Dream Match) Tournament - MUST WATCH! (Archived)thesolidshark110/24/2012
How is the online netcode in this compared to the PS3 version? (Archived)
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OMEGA RUGAL1610/17/2012
KoF 14 Should Bring Back Tag System (Archived)vegeta2002210/15/2012
This game has one of the best fighting game final bosses ever *spoilers* (Archived)chaoscatzero610/15/2012
Master Tung (Archived)Dlite83510/3/2012
fruitPUNCH! (Archived)Shrekbad19/13/2012
Can US ver change the text and voice to Japanese? (Archived)wingwing200939/6/2012
Netcode recommendations (Archived)thesolidshark28/30/2012
personal favourite team? (Archived)
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which is better, kof 98 ultimate match, or kof 2000/2001? (Archived)Cranman198288/25/2012
Um..help with Kim's trials? (Archived)Xean_Liteheart28/16/2012
With every fighting game, i have the same problem (Archived)Undertaker101278/16/2012
How's the online? (Archived)JELIFISH1958/16/2012
KOF XIII on Live Marketplace for $30 (Archived)thesolidshark28/8/2012
Recommendations for someone new to this? (Archived)piepiez98/8/2012
What's that blue sign mean? (Archived)BottledWater0547/29/2012
Favorite updated moves in this game? favorite new moves? (Archived)chaoscatzero27/28/2012
Alternate Costumes Question (Archived)Raoh0857/21/2012
Thinking about doing My own Version of The Online Warrior for KOF XIII on YouTub (Archived)calibur75327/19/2012
The Online Has TERRIBLE Lag! (Archived)Above Omnipotence87/13/2012
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