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Story Mode Opening in 720p (Archived)Magegg110/5/2011
Who's the protagonist of this game? (Archived)TheArcade210/5/2011
K', Kyo, Kula vs. Vice, Andy and King video (Archived)xenosaga123310/5/2011
Does Yuri have her braid costume like in the arcade version? long hair = hot (Archived)numberrrr210/5/2011
So I was browsing the Atlus official forums and came across these... (Archived)Rude Hero210/5/2011
New icons hints at Heidern, Shroom+Rimelo playable (maybe more DLC or secret?) (Archived)
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the dirty flame effects are probably to easily see where it is. (Archived)str8Knowledge210/3/2011
KoF XIII delayed....... (Archived)ornclown210/3/2011
King of Fighters and the story through the games. (Archived)denitonis310/1/2011
new Atlus trailer shows great action and features! (Archived)xenosaga12329/29/2011
ESRB paragraph describes KOFXIII's hotness and badassness (Archived)numberrrr109/29/2011
Mission Mode videos for Takuma and Kyo (Archived)xenosaga12329/29/2011
I'm mad about the PS3 getting a better case than the 360. :p (Archived)
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Kyo Kusanagi vs. Batman (Archived)
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Stories Updated... (Archived)Starters29/28/2011
Question About This Game :) (Archived)SteveTranRumble29/28/2011
Will people who pre-order at gamestop in canada get the soundtrack? (Archived)BakunyuuCowgirl39/28/2011
If bison can come back why not? (Archived)
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Delayed:( (Archived)
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kof neoblood is it canon (Archived)SAMIR33249/26/2011
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