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Goddamn Secret Mine boss.... (Archived)DragonG31/8/2014
People on online multiplayer are incredibly stupid. (Archived)spookyfan321/7/2014
The first game is insufferably frustrating; is this any better? (Archived)
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way to save/suspend mid mission? (Archived)RPGMaster9531/4/2014
Luigi's Mansion: Dark has won a GotY 2013?! (Archived)edomon00741/2/2014
I think I busted B2. (Archived)stinkpalm2212/31/2013
The Pinwheel Gate Mission? (Archived)Mudkip43312/29/2013
Revisiting Rooms (Archived)insanemonkey222112/27/2013
B-5 help, I'm pretty sure my game glitched (Archived)JayMoney624112/23/2013
What the Luigi figure on Club Nintendo? (Archived)PS2 4 Life312/22/2013
Just encountered a game breaking glitch! (Archived)master_chief_82312/18/2013
Scarescraper doesn't count past F99 (Archived)Mark1117412/13/2013
Skyscraper 25 Floors Expert (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Wow what a great game... (Archived)Joey-Zaza112/9/2013
I think i got a glitch! (Archived)fissionprimer111/21/2013
Scarescraper Guide is up (Archived)
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"ScareScraper guide is up" Phase 2: Pro Recruitment (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Good ScareScraper players! Join In! (Archived)Twilightmstr710/30/2013
Buy now or wait for price reduction? (Archived)tpstyles510/28/2013
Exchange Friend Codes Here: Experienced Players Wanted (Archived)Col_knight310/17/2013
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