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Question on controls...Dexterous18/5 3:27AM
Wow!!! that giant boss is walking wall over me (literally!)Sux13847/29 3:54PM
World D BossZeroBloods57/29 2:55PM
Scare scraperLink258247/12 4:33PM
100% q (Archived)Mnl27616/16 1:08PM
Is Boo, Luigi's rival? (Archived)Akira_Foxtrot45/23 11:21PM
Sister hates this but likes the 1st, help me get her to love this. (Archived)Nerfoy4814/29 6:49AM
The sound effect made when you get a three star ranking is soooo satisfying. (Archived)TheMagica23/31 9:02PM
N3DS xl C stick does not work with this game (Archived)neojames13/2 7:11PM
Luigi's Mansion 3 (or 4) (Archived)Bedsmith23/2 4:04AM
Best final boss battle I've seen in a while (Archived)Boo Destroyer22/21 12:26PM
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon scarescraper Livestream (Archived)FeatherGamer55512/9 10:52PM
So what was Mario's significance in Dark Moon?? (Archived)KostaV51/4 12:58PM
can't get online but want the complete MP ghosts list. is it possible? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
willow53351112/24 8:03PM
having 30 $ and there's a cyber sale. should i bought this or ultimate nes remix (Archived)samxmas212/6 7:16PM
isn't this game soppost to come out for wii u also? (Archived)greekgamer211/30 8:38PM
do people still play online?? (Archived)15OneAndDone211/30 3:09PM
I swear E5 is impossible (Archived)kenff6311/22 10:41PM
anyone still playing (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
bararad132211/14 12:22AM
im stuck on the first boss (Archived)Marc2001310/18 4:58PM
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