3-starring Chilly Ride is gonna be really really annoying.

#1the_NGWPosted 3/28/2013 9:20:32 PM
Going back and getting 100% right now, as I finished the story mode a couple days ago. Wasn't quite feeling Clockworks right now so I decided to get one of the few boss fights I didn't 3-star originally out of the way.

I already had some..history with Chilly Ride. My first time through I went from loving the concept to hating the execution. This time around was much smoother, almost enjoyable, I felt for sure I had the gold.

Final stats were just shy of 5 minutes. No damage received. 60 gold.

And I still only managed a silver. Didn't even improve my last rank despite doing better in all areas.

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#2Genericgamer667Posted 3/28/2013 9:36:34 PM
i just star ranked it, need around 4 minutes
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#3pikachupwnagePosted 3/29/2013 6:29:25 AM
"Final stats were just shy of 5 minutes. No damage received. 60 gold."

Guessing you missed quite a bit of gold.
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#4WayoshiMPosted 3/29/2013 1:39:35 PM
^ 60 is the max gold of the level.

I ***'d first time I got it successful with I think 3:24, restarting whenever I screwed up getting bombs in his mouth. You gotta be fairly quick
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