New Super Mario Bros. Mii FAQ. (Read before posting, everyone needs to see this)

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Please request sticky so every one can see.
Table of contents
i. what is New Super Mario Bros. Mii?
ii. Wait, what does 'Tech Demo' mean?
iii. ??????

i. New Super Mario Bros. Mii (or NSMBM for short) was a tech demo showed by Nintendo at E3 to show off some of Nintendos ideas of what they could do with the new Wii Utopian console. This was confirmed by the President of Nintendo of America numerous times. He said multiple times before, and after, that it was nothing more then a tech demo and is not a game.

ii. A Tech Demo is like a demo, in the way that its short and its sole purpose is to show off something. The difference is that a Tech Demo will never become a real game and was solely created to show off the new console and it's controls.

iii. Yes that means NSMBM is not a game, you can never own it, and therefore will never play it unless you go to one of the many showings Nintendo said they will have, where they allow you to try out their Tech Demos.

iv. If you still think this is a real game after reading this, you are a dumb ***. Nintendo themselves have said like 3 times at E3 that this was just a Tech Demo. Even GameFAQs says its a Tech Demo, just look at the title of the game.
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This deserves a sticky.

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In case you still don't get it.
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thechosen161 posted...
This deserves a sticky.

I dont even think the board is active enough for anything to get stickied. But i strongly appreciate you request
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Well then Nintendo is stupid for not having this game come out.

And the Miis being playable is why they are stupid, since people will just waste their time making a Mii.
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haha, bump
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Oh dear, well I certainly don't want to be called a dumb ***, but I guess someone is gonna have to check this topic for land mines...

Why would a tech demo have Miis? Basically if this is a tech demo then they made new New Super Mario Bros levels just to show what you could do with the WiiU? It barely shows the amazing tech the WiiU is capable of, besides playing on the smaller screen. Also what would be the point of the Miis? I wasn't at e3 and I haven't heard if when you played the game if you actually played with Miis or not, and if you did if you took a picture of yourself and then played or picked a random Mii and blah blah blah. What really would be the point of Miis if this is only a few levels? I believe this will be turned into a full game and Nintendo is just trying to be secretive about it, maybe. Suprise the people that thought it was a tech demo. Hell, if they don't plan to now they probably will on a later date just to cash in on some more Multiplayer Mario fun.

Oh and if they come out saying "Yep, we are making it into a real game." I want this topic to stand as a memorial to my sucess! God I sound like an ass right now.
Isn't that just romantic of me?<3
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