Favorite among all the 2D Mario games

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4 years ago#1
Between all of the main 2D Mario series games, which is your favorite? All of which being:

Bros. (SMB1, SMB2, SMB:LL, SMB3)
World (SMW, SMW2: YI)
Land (SML1, SML2)

Between World and NSMBWii, I find it hard to choose. I know the NSMB franchise is a bit revered by fans, but honestly NSMBWii is some of the most fun I've had playing a 2D Mario yet. Multiplayer is always a ton of fun to play, the secret paths and warps add great replay value (as do the Star Coins and secret world), the little mini-games that levels occasionally have make it fun to explore and take your time (Jumping on Bullet Bills for infinite 1-ups, Red Coin challenges, etc), etc. I don't remember loving the first game all too much, but NSMBWii is always a load of fun to play alone or with friends, and NSMBU looks of similar quality.

Super Mario World has a lot of nostalgia for me too, with the world map that houses dozens of secret levels, worlds, exits, etc (That I'm happy to see NSMBU trying to replicate). I haven't played it in a number of years, but to my recollection it is my favorite among the classic games.
4 years ago#2
3,wii,and world. never touched land
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4 years ago#3
Definitely World and Wii.

The first Super Mario Land was the weirdest Mario game ever (even more than SMB2!). Exploding Koopas? o.O
4 years ago#4
SMB3 and SMW. I don't really like the NSMB games...
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4 years ago#5
Out of those groups:


My favorite overall would probly be SMW.
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4 years ago#6
1) SMW
2) SM3
3) SMWii

I always choose old games over new, but if this is supposed to replicate SMW i think this may be my favorite!
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4 years ago#7
NSMBW for me.
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4 years ago#8
Yoshi's Island by far
NSMB DS is 2nd
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4 years ago#9
For me it's between 3, World, and Wii
4 years ago#10
I cant chose between lost level and land, both are my favorite :)
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