I was talking to my friend who works for Nintendo and....

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i wonder what trolls favorite foods are so i know what to fed him
KAMMY KOOPA for Super Smash Bros 4
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Really, this thread is still going?
Tissues to the extreme!
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World 1: Generic Grassland
World 2: Generic desert
World 3: Generic water world
World 4: Generic Forest World
World 5: Generic Ice World
World 6: Generic Mountain world
World 7: Generic Lava world, with Bowser's castle hidden, and later you see it raise from lava or something like that... generic Bowser Castle.
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Wait, where's the Sky world?
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Quote:Really, this thread is still going?
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XxNBCxX posted...
She is the assistant for Shigeru Miyamoto, and she told me that Miyamoto has been working on New Super Mario Bros. U for a while, and they have all the worlds written down.
The First world is called GrassLand (Like the one with the accorn tree)
The Second is called DesertPit
The Third is called Starry Forest (The one with the stars)
The Fourth is Underground
The Fifth is MushroomHeavan
The Sixth is DarkForest (The paint level with Boo's)
The Seventh is Bomb Field (Close to SM64)
The Eighth is Lava Valley
The Ninth is Bowser Castle

She also told me that they are thinking about making special worlds like Super Mario 3D Land. She also told me that its not %100 official and final, just like a place holder if you will.

That sounds extremely accurant, because the GrassLand is obvious. Desert Pit, look in the image section. Mario seems to be inside a cave rather than outdoors. A Nintendo rep did say that there would be several levels like the Starry Night levels, I could see there being a Starry Forest, guess that would be the role for a Forest. Underground not sure about that, but okay. Mushroom Heavan, Must explain the second level from the demo at E3 2012, also that would be the role for a Sky World.

Dark Forest very nice suprise. Bomb Field Holy Cow! that would make this game, GOTY for me. Lava Valley, excellent, but expected. Bowser Castle as a world, now thats....thats.....thats O_o mind blowing
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Nin3DSFan posted...
Wait, where's the Sky world?

Mushroom Heavan...
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lol.......The troll doesn't comprehend that he is a troll...

kind of funny.
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NeonYoshi11 posted...
lol.......The troll doesn't comprehend that he is a troll...

kind of funny.

Of course he realizes it, I think he just wants to keep the charade up a bit longer.... even though its clearly failing.