Don't. Touch. Anything.

#1sht3ugPosted 1/18/2013 2:32:57 AM
Well, except for the retry button. I'm sure there are a handful of you on this board who have gold medal'd this. Just curious to find out how long this one took. Are there any more 5 star ones under coins, and is there anything under one up or special category as hard as this. I thought some of those time trial ones were tricky, mainly screwtop it up. But at least I had moments where I felt I I was good enough and close to putting together a perfect run. (And finally did) Got gold on everything up to this point.....this one though.... :-/

At the point where I may just skip it and come back to it. Hahaha.
Who doesn't?
#2diteo3DSPosted 1/27/2013 7:39:18 AM
Took me about 25 tries completed it last night. There's only one hard jump where the two coins are near the edge, the rest is straightforward.