People kinda underrate how good this game was

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I think I have too much of a fascination with difficulty. I only got 1 game over playing through this game (which I'm ashamed of) and there was no real "fear." In SMB3 if you got a game over is wa sback to the VERY beginning. That was a bit harsh, but dying actually meant something. In SMW you at least went back to the last save point. In this game you just lose the half-way point of the current level and the levels themselves aren't hard until the last world and by that point they are only somewhat hard.

I skipped a lot of the 2D Mario games, but out of the ones I've played and beaten I'd say SMB3 > SMW > SMW2YI > SMB2 > SMBLL > SMB > NSMBWU...

The multiplayer is probably the best though, I've yet to play a 2D side-scroller where you both get to play at the same time. I went through the game w/ my friend and we mostly tried to murder the other person and it was pretty fun.
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Super Mario Bros. 3 will always be my favorite for nostalgia reasons, but yeah this game is definitely up there with one of the best 2D Marios...and I agree with the guy that said it feels like a mix of SMB3 and Super Mario World (probably my 2nd favorite)
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r0xm2n posted...
You can add me to the Wii U club, just bought mine earlier today. First Nintendo console I've owned since the SNES.

I've noticed the controls are soo tight. Compared to NSMBW, where I'd be drifting all through the air and doing spin jumps on accident.

And I LOVE using that shoulder button to activate the spin move.

In this game, I feel like I'm in control, so I don't mind dying to my own boneheaded mistakes or poor tactical choices.

whoa, are you me? i think i got my wii u on the same day. and its my first nintendo since my based SNES. my fiancee's little sister got a wii u for christmas and i helped her set it up. she got the new smb u bundle and we popped the game in... my god. i was thinking what everyone else here has said.. a cross between 3 and World... and those graphics... too bad the soundtrack isn't as epic as the rest of the game.
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One YouTube reviewer said this game is on the same tier as Super Mario World.