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This vs NSMB Wii?d1v3r7511/27 8:38PM
Is the New Super Mario Bros. series underrated?TAMKFan311/27 8:38PM
What is boost mode?Person4211/25 7:08PM
Do you consider this part of the original series?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
ssj5goku20051311/22 3:16PM
Please rank the New Super Mario seriesagent_x001611/22 3:14PM
do you think all three stars obtainable without powerup before starting course? (Archived)Ajat_adri110/28 12:13AM
Will Waluigi ever be in a game that isn't a spinoff? (Archived)Solid_Snakette1010/27 8:57PM
Just got the game, the game won't load beyond the first loading screen. (Archived)NikkySan310/3 12:14PM
So does anyone know how much space the replay videos from challenges take up? (Archived)_SG310/3 11:59AM
Anybody else wonder if yoshi gets nervous or shy when he poops an egg near Mario (Archived)AeternaNocturne49/28 4:17PM
I did a piano cover of the Tower theme. (Archived)Mjollnirfalls59/10 12:30PM
thoughts on boost mode (Archived)tanooki8428/28 7:55AM
since when does the star make you go faster? (Archived)creep5078/24 6:05PM
Whose great idea was it to have the down arrow be the stomp button (Archived)Waytoodeep0328/24 6:02PM
Super Mario Critiots!! (Archived)padre_justin28/21 9:15AM
An incredibly sweet, heart-warming story (Archived)OriginalGen38/11 7:26AM
Another 93 flags topic. (Archived)morning_red38/7 1:55PM
Why cant you keep Yoshi (Archived)Waytoodeep0338/4 8:18PM
If Nintendo made a "New Super Metroid"... (Archived)Nintendo_Fan12818/3 6:27PM
Unlocking star road levels? (Archived)neroAngelo38/2 3:09PM
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