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On the awesomeness of Baby Yoshi's (Archived)KarateJons27/27 4:28PM
Don't handicap yourself playing this game like I did... (Archived)MrMojoRisin35737/27 4:17PM
Is Yoshi in this game? (Archived)Assassin271337/27 4:15PM
Classic Controller Pro work? (Archived)TVthePunisher47/24 8:27AM
Is there a way to use the tablet controller in multiplayer besides boost mode? (Archived)Miken Ayers27/23 11:06AM
I thought people were exaggerating but... (Archived)WoeChosenChild97/20 12:32AM
So wait, I can't use a Gamepad and a Pro controller for regular local co-op? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Setzera117/19 11:04PM
This or monster hunter? (Archived)Beanie_devil57/16 5:55PM
If i didn't enjoy NSMB will i like this? (Archived)KingofRogues57/6 9:26PM
Having a lot of fun with this, really wish you could disable the timer though (Archived)SpaceshipDragon67/4 3:15PM
Oooh, Starry Night painting. any more? (Archived)KingofRogues26/23 4:04PM
How do I add the game pad boost mode thing when I'm playing with a pro controlle (Archived)Straight_Cat46/23 11:00AM
Quick saving question for those that have played (Archived)DeathProfit66/20 9:32AM
This or Windwaker with my free game option? (Poll)IamChaCha46/17 11:19AM
This vs Super Luigi U vs NSMB Wii original. (Archived)revvin_Kevin26/16 6:35PM
How cheap is this game in your country? (Archived)CallmeSoren56/15 4:16PM
Are you seriously forced to exit the level whenever you die? (Archived)Igor11536/14 8:30AM
Luigi U is not free? D: (Archived)Numbuh10036/14 6:30AM
Why does the game sometimes place tiny platforms when I use the gamepad? (Archived)Sherm12836/11 11:01AM
Is this better single or multiplayer? (Archived)ollicehunter36/1 11:45PM
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