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You know what power-up needs to return? The shell! (Archived)StartTheMachine112/17/2013
NSMBU + NSLU Bundle (Archived)UltraChaud312/15/2013
Secret levels like Super Mario World? (Archived)megametal42512/15/2013
Gamepad question (Archived)DarkEmil212/11/2013
Question About Controls (Archived)UponADarkThorne412/9/2013
What is the best controller to use for this game? (Archived)trapspringer312/7/2013
Can I use Pro Controller and Wii Remote together in Co-Op? (Archived)Zeta777212/7/2013
Bonus video content in NSMBU + NSLU Bundle (Archived)SmokedChili312/7/2013
My god. Getting all 3 coins on Superstar Road #2 is maddening. (Archived)overkillwfo1978512/7/2013
Can this be used to play multiplayer in this game? (Archived)MarkthePhoenix212/7/2013
Star Road (Archived)Morphic212/4/2013
Question on post game all stars(spoilers) (Archived)MartyrFarkyr212/3/2013
A few questions about completion (Archived)MetalGearOnAcid212/3/2013
Didn't play the Wii Mario games... (Archived)noimnoturdaddy512/2/2013
Press 2 to Start (Archived)WiIIiam311/23/2013
Shiny stars on the file screen? (Archived)Da Dood311/22/2013
How to play multiplayer Gamepad + Pro Controller? (Archived)tuna-egg211/19/2013
Difference between single player and multi. (Archived)MagusNotFrog311/17/2013
How to access the Rest of Soda Jungle After Ghost House + 2 Levels (Archived)Stoney1985211/13/2013
Why won't you buy this game on Ebay????? (Archived)
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