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Decided to play this again after a longer break... (Archived)BrokenMachine85211/7/2013
This game looks and plays like and HD remake of Super Mario World. (Archived)
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Yoshi is an afterthought : ( (Archived)AirBorneCoffeeT510/25/2013
can you play coop with a gamepad and wii remote? (Archived)sonicrock310/22/2013
Is that powerup that makes u giant in this game? (Archived)razid410/19/2013
Boost blocks (Archived)mrtzeentch110/1/2013
"Hee hee... DEEKLEE!" (Archived)smajda8549/25/2013
is there a version of this game with the pro controller patch on the disc? (Archived)enigmatic alex39/24/2013
Lemmy's still got the balls... (Archived)bensmithuser79/22/2013
Glitch boss? (Archived)Gummyber19/20/2013
The World Map is so awesome! (Archived)speedruntrainer39/20/2013
the pink yoshi (Archived)Tenchi UK39/7/2013
My 6 year old niece beat this in a weekend. (Archived)WhiteWolf33849/5/2013
Finally got 5 stars. (Archived)golddragons18/31/2013
Something I've noticed in the NSMB games. (Archived)NES-Boy18/25/2013
Finding Luigi - Legend of Parkour (Archived)Uberhaxornewbie28/25/2013
How many Star Coins are there total? *spoilers* (Archived)kdognumba128/24/2013
Wii U pro controller Single Player? (Archived)kenhreed38/18/2013
Can gamepad be used in multiplayer with the new update (not the block thing) (Archived)ninto5538/18/2013
Question about making blocks with the gamepad (Archived)sew18218/14/2013
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