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Sign here if you'll get the Wii U and NSMBU at launch (Archived)
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Is this game just a remake of New Super Mario Bros on the Wii? (Archived)MasterDuo611/12/2012
So are we down to just 2 cntrol options now? (Archived)Dark_Link92911/12/2012
C/D: Kenny James is best Bowser voice (Archived)SmokedChili1011/12/2012
Mario, Bowser and Peach are lame. (Archived)Sega9599611/12/2012
The Koopalings and Boom Boom are lame. (Archived)
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New Super Mario Bros. 2 WILL Surpass This Game... (Archived)Throwback2780511/12/2012
Is the adorable Boohemoth going to make an appearance? (Archived)jfeathe711/12/2012
dino rhinos rexes and koopa football players (Archived)dswiifan911/12/2012
Let's sum up the Koopalings battle (spoilers) (Archived)StarSurfer12511/12/2012
Same music again. (Archived)
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About the NSMBU "opening"... (Archived)
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Merit Celaire1111/12/2012
What does the Japanese Mario voice sound like? (Archived)NewShire511/12/2012
Could the last World be like Sonic 2 - Game Gear version? *spoilers, I think* (Archived)spyers811/12/2012
So i haven't been on in a while....fill me in! (Archived)Megabest39311/12/2012
Why dem Kloopalings always tryin' to ice skate uphill??? (Archived)XxDiculousxX311/11/2012
Mole to Goal! (Archived)AhnoldDood111/11/2012
Do we know all the powerups in the game yet? (Archived)X_ULTIMA_X711/11/2012
This game won't surpass New Super Mario Bros. 2... (Archived)
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The Squirrel enemies are pretty adorable... (Archived)
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