Reaction: Rocksteady (Developer of Arkham Asylum & Arkham City) make a Zelda

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Hey Crystal, I know we've had some quarrels, but I want to let you know I actually think you're a pretty cool guy. You've got confidence in your opinion, and you aren't afraid to stick up for your beliefs. I respect that in you. Despite our differences, I look to you as a valuable member of this community, and I'm glad you're a member of these boards. I hope you have a great week!
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Arcvalons posted...
Now that's stretching it, it takes 14-16 hours for me to 100% OoT. Its a small world and I know where almost everything is.

I sure don't know where everything is. I never tried to get 100% on my first two playthroughs, and on my third, I only managed to get 85 golden skulltulas. If you ask me, some of them are very well hidden.

Still far from the 36-40 hours for TP. If you take 70 hours to complete OoT and TWW, not only must you be terrible at them (no offence), you must take weeks for TP or SS!

Like I said, it was more like 50 hours for OOT3D, and I don't remember WW. I bet it did take me 70 hours to beat OOT on my first playthrough when I was 11 or so. OOT was pretty damn hard for me back then, but now I've pretty much memorized the dungeons, and the enemies are a piece of cake. SS took me... probably... 60 hours my first time. That's because it has fewer collectibles and almost none of them are particularly well-hidden.
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