Will Ninty ever make a Zelda with realistic character models?

#11ViolentDjangoPosted 1/30/2013 9:20:12 AM
1Truth posted...
Link was in Soul Calibur II and he fit in like a glove with the other realistically proportioned combatants.

I would love a Zelda game with realistic graphics (TP graphics), a Link in his 20's (E3 2010 concept art of Skyward Sword) and with realistic character models for all the Hylians.

Day 1.

He did -not- fit like a glove... He fit in, but he was actually very well removed from the game's art style... At times disturbingly so. ( http://images.g4tv.com/rimg_606x0/ImageDb3/4343_l/soul-calibur-2-the-only-fighting-game-featuring-link-slicing-up-fools-welluhhhif-you-ignore-super-smash-bros.jpg )

Frankly, I prefer they just do Zelda however they want to do it instead of trying to shoehorn the series towards looking like God of War... I had absolutely no problem with Wind Waker's art style and I think its asinine that people get so down on games like WW and FF9 for the way the characters are designed.
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