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Horsehead should be in this game

#1surfingthechaosPosted 2/3/2013 8:28:59 PM
#2PT_PiranhaPosted 2/3/2013 10:52:57 PM
I can dig it.
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#3gameman713Posted 2/3/2013 11:31:11 PM
I just fought him today! What are the odds that someone would make a topic about him and someone else would start up a game of Adventure of Link on the same day?
#4ColebyPosted 2/3/2013 11:59:43 PM
Aquamentus 2014.
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#5Stupid Pirate GuyPosted 2/4/2013 12:06:03 AM
Damn straight he should. I hade this topic a couple weeks ago.
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#6Oni_TaedoPosted 2/4/2013 5:12:55 AM
He should.
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#7SilfalasPosted 2/4/2013 6:31:13 AM
No! Men with horse heads are creepy.
#8Fierce_Deity777Posted 2/4/2013 7:31:07 AM(edited)
I concur
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#912ehstevePosted 2/4/2013 8:22:29 AM
Four-headed Gleeok done proper.
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#10Doctor_BriefPosted 2/6/2013 10:46:24 PM
I approve.