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How would you feel it the NX was actually Nintendo's new VR deviceAtomicNess84/15 2:52PM
Best Characters Ever: Day 89: Dark Link Vs. Orca (Poll)KillerKremling64/15 11:39AM
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Will you buy this game blind?
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Chaosdagger164/15 11:01AM
Best Mini-Boss Day 1A: The Legend of Zelda 1st quest (Poll)Malefio77764/14 7:37PM
So I did some research and I finally discovered who the director is...
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WellComeOn144/14 7:10PM
Do you think Kojima will work on this game?
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Upto15534/14 6:35PM
do you think zelda wii u will be kept the same way as it is in the game awards?feliix94/14 6:18PM
Best Zelda Boss Battle - Day 8: Eyesoar Vs. Eox (Poll)Lord_Carlisle34/14 6:01PM
Best Characters Ever: Day 88: Batreaux Vs. Ooccoo (Poll)KillerKremling104/14 3:36PM
So... how flamboyant is this game's villain gonna be?
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HylianFox204/14 2:53PM
Say what you want about Phantom Hourglass, but it had some damn good bosses.
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Lord_Carlisle144/14 6:55AM
The official timeline was a mistake C/D
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Watereol264/14 6:30AM
I just realized, ALBW made an escort mission funHylianFox74/14 1:08AM
Zelda series general discussion
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Malefio777314/13 9:09PM
Best Zelda Boss Battle - Day 7: Armos Knights Vs. Aquamentus(OoS) (Poll)Lord_Carlisle44/13 8:57PM
Returning Elements for Zelda Wii U - Part III: Wind Waker
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wiiking96244/13 5:27PM
Name a flaw in every game in the series.
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Upto15184/13 2:53PM
How well do you relate to Link in terms of sleeping? (Poll)
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Bowm4080154/13 12:21PM
Would you be okay if Nintendo pulled a Twilight Princess on this?
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Virtual_Console224/13 11:51AM