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The definitive, objective review of every Zelda game ever. *SPOILERS AHEAD*
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Goombacrusher359/12 6:22PM
Zelda Wii U should take from Twilight Princess Beta's "gray world".Decapre59/12 8:33AM
Should Zelda games have a companion? (Poll)iKhanic89/12 2:37AM
Why the hell did TP have that arbitrary restriction with the wolf form
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Rad_Dudesman169/11 6:43PM
So "Zelda" isn't a working title? (+Release date expected second half 2015)
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Osumnis149/11 6:22PM
What Zelda-inspired tracks do you folks want to see in the upcoming MK8 DLC?Coleby109/11 6:01PM
So I'm almost done playing through the Zelda's chronologically
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Stupid Pirate Guy339/11 1:44PM
How do you feel about the Laynaryu Sea being in this game, with TWW sailing?DarkChozoGhost29/11 12:53PM
This game will have the next major evolution of dungeon design.iKhanic109/10 8:07PM
How would you feel if, in Zelda Wii U, Link aged?
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BlueLinkHero199/10 12:09PM
Choose ONE enemy from each of the previous 3D games to return unchanged
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wiiking96169/10 10:29AM
A video that I think applies to what people want out of this gamewiiking9659/10 1:37AM
Which of these enemies would you most like to see return? (Poll)
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DarkChozoGhost129/9 10:05PM
I think this game needs to provide a broader sensory experience...TheAmorousTheAm29/9 6:33PM
Theory on moldy robot thing.
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DaAppleMan369/9 6:08PM
Link should be able to parry and backstab people
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pkmnpkmn119/9 5:08PM
Which is the worst water temple ever? (Poll)
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xnn3882589/9 1:57PM
Do you believe the "2015" release date?
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DarkChozoGhost429/9 1:12PM
Things you do/don't want to see in Zelda U
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SuperNeonManGuy249/9 12:32PM
Ugly RumorFennyariel109/9 11:10AM