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This game is gonna have Voice Acting, guysSnorpy712/18 8:41PM
Spirit Tracks was a Great Game
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KillerKremling1512/18 8:39PM
How "Hardcore" of a Zelda fan are you? (Poll)
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KillerKremling3012/18 7:11PM
I hope the game stops using color-coded words and guide characters.
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SolidKnight5612/18 6:40PM
Link's house.
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xXDa-KidXx2312/18 6:30PM
Dodge attack. Shoot eye. Slash with sword. Repeat.HylianFox1012/18 5:29PM
How OoT, ALttP, MM hold up today, from a guy who hadn't played them before
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T_Info1612/18 5:27PM
Is there anyone out there that is actually sad SS motion controls didnt make it?
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Cheko20151512/18 4:49PM
Which console Zelda did it best: Mini Bosses (Poll)
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HonestAbe732412/18 3:37PM
Shirtless Link at the beginningyoshirider13712/18 2:26PM
Guesses about the side villain(s) and main villain?Paper_Mario_4212/18 1:10PM
What's all this Crap about the "Zelda Cycle"
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KillerKremling1212/18 12:58PM
Miyamoto:"some areas are bigger then Twilight Princess, tons of stuff to do
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kinglink131312/18 12:31PM
You know it's happening: Special Edition - What do you expect?xXDa-KidXx812/18 10:49AM
Master Sword: Blue Hilt vs Purple HIlt (Poll)
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BFMV_Fever2012/18 7:57AM
"Do you want... Magic Beans?!"
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Gaawa_chan1112/18 7:55AM
what if zelda is a boy and link is a girl this gameUltraCookie612/18 6:47AM
Zelda should offer the player the option to skip the prologues in the games. (Poll)
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EvilBeards1112/18 12:50AM
Items not tied to specific uses.xXDa-KidXx612/18 12:38AM
What's your Favourite Zelda Topic here? (Poll)KillerKremling912/18 12:20AM