If Link ever speaks in this, what would be his first words?

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Groosetastic posted...
The camera zooms in on Link as he is in a dungeon, and he says, "I'm tired of these motherf***ing Ropes in this motherf***ing dungeon!"

Zelda: What? did you say something?

Link: "I said, I am sick and tired of all these monkey fightin' ropes, in this Monday-to-Friday dungeon."

Zelda: (in a very nasally voice) "Well, excuuuuuuuse me princess"

Link: ...How about a kiss?

Zelda: Sorry, I'm in another castle.
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His first words will sink all the "This game's Link is/could be female!" shenanigans.

Because he will yell, at the top of his lungs, "I AM A MAN!!!". And then Falcon Punch through a major enemy's gut.
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"Fuzzy pickles!"
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At the very end of the game, Zelda thanks Link greatly. She goes to give him a kiss, he backhands her. While yelling "Excuuuuuuse me princess!" He then rides away on Epona. Epona is also now a guy (or a horse still if you're GamerTai.)
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" im on a never ending quest to save my girlfriend!"
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Better yet:
"I'm here for some booty...Your booty, Chris Handsome."
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Pre orders Zelda U, picks it up midnight launch. Tries to activate pre order bonus, instructions pop up on screen with a -

"Hey, Listen!"


But most people will never acknowledge his voice until years later because it will be drowned out by a "Nooooooooo" of their own.
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"Forget about it."
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"Let's hunt some orc"
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Bowm4080 posted...
And yes, I'm quoting that certain 2011 movie

Really? Wow, I didn't realize. Your subtle reference went way over my head
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