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Look what this guy found in the coding of VGX's website. (Archived)LordCarlisle1012/6/2013
If you had to live in a town from the Zelda series, which would you choose? (Archived)
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So...boys and girls... (Poll)
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Story time with Reggie's VGA announcement (Archived)
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Do you want to get all your items in store like in 3DS link between worlds? (Archived)The_Man_On_Fire1012/6/2013
If we get an announcement at E3 2014, the game is confirmed god-tier. (Archived)Storrac312/6/2013
I know what's going to happen at VGX! (Archived)
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What special mechanic will this game have? (Archived)KEN181312/6/2013
I've said it before and I've said it again... (Archived)tHeCBkiD912/6/2013
Why do people say Ganondorf came out of nowhere at the end of Twilight Princess? (Archived)
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Skull Kid Assist Trophy in SSB4! (Archived)DJ_blue712/6/2013
Skull Kid appearing in new Smash Bros. (Archived)HumbleLink212/6/2013
The last time you played Ocarina of Time was... (Archived)
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Ganon is literally the lamest villain of all time (Archived)HighOnPhazon1012/6/2013
Think we'll ever see Sheik again? (Archived)
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How many dungeons should this game have? (Poll)
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Does Link have to have a sword? (Archived)
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Woah why does the Pictograph guy have a picture...(spoilers) (Archived)TinyTankX312/5/2013
Expect a 2015 release. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz912/5/2013
Who should do the soundtrack this time? (Archived)
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