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Taking bets on tomorrow's VGX announcement (Archived)
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What previous 2 Zelda enemies could be combined into 1 new enemy? (Archived)
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This game had better have graphics. (Archived)KingOfHyrule912/7/2013
I hope this game drops some science here and there like in OOT and MM. (Archived)Paper_Mario_4512/7/2013
Will this one have motion controls? (Archived)magnacartagod912/7/2013
Four Swords has the best overworld by far (Archived)RandomSong112/7/2013
Rate the Game (Day 17): Spirit Tracks (Poll)
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dose anyone want a hand to hand combat fight with Gannondorf (Archived)GanonslayerN64512/7/2013
todays the day (Archived)kalebninja212/7/2013
What do you think is the most popular sport in Hyrule? (Archived)
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if they show zelda u off at vgx.... (Archived)
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Best non-Hyrule overworld (Poll)
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An imaginative wonderland, within the confines of your house. (Archived)messhia_dark812/7/2013
Look what this guy found in the coding of VGX's website. (Archived)LordCarlisle1012/6/2013
If you had to live in a town from the Zelda series, which would you choose? (Archived)
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So...boys and girls... (Poll)
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Story time with Reggie's VGA announcement (Archived)
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Do you want to get all your items in store like in 3DS link between worlds? (Archived)The_Man_On_Fire1012/6/2013
If we get an announcement at E3 2014, the game is confirmed god-tier. (Archived)Storrac312/6/2013
I know what's going to happen at VGX! (Archived)
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