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Ocarina of Time has not been beaten by a single Zelda game since. (Archived)
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I like when you fight bosses again later to show how much progress you've made. (Archived)
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I've been playing Link to the Past for the first ever and... (need guidance) (Archived)
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Which 3D Zelda game had the most filler? (Poll)
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Zelda Wii U image has leaked (Archived)
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I wish this game would return to its darker roots. (Archived)
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(Regarding Majora's Mask 3D) I hope we get to use the D-pad like the C buttons (Archived)VoidArgument55/18 2:48PM
If this game was a top down 3D zelda, would you be disappointed? (Archived)
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I hope this game is like Spirit Tracks. (Archived)
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What if dirty Princess Zelda was in <3 with Hyrulebadboy Ganondorf in Zelda U (Archived)
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