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I hope they add in an easier way to keep track of quests a la darksiders 2 (Archived)DroneHunter55/27 10:36PM
In Zelda Wii U, which gameplay feature do you MOST want? (poll) (Poll)
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We've seen different Links: How about we see a different GANONDORF? (Archived)
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What is your favorite Brawl in the Family Zelda-related comic? (Archived)wiiking9655/27 12:36PM
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What if... (Archived)
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What is the coolest item in the Legend of Zelda series? (Archived)
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ITT: Stuff that makes you not want to replay Zelda games (Archived)
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Link should say "Well excuuuuuuse me princess!" in this game... (Archived)HylianKnight195/26 5:18PM
This will sell very badly if it doesn't use the semi-realistic E3 2011 graphics. (Archived)
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If you think TP was realistic (Archived)
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Is it weird to anyone else that (Archived)ecylis105/26 9:58AM
Which link had the hardest quest? (Poll)infintebajan75/26 8:30AM
I hope this game is dark. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz85/26 8:26AM
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Will you buy Hyrule Warriors? (Poll)
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Hyrule is ruined. (Archived)Aether_Light65/25 4:46PM
Which Zelda games have you replayed the most? (Archived)
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Ever think we're setting ourselves up for a big disappointment? (Archived)
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