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What if Zelda was actually a girl? (Archived)
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Wait, so let me get this straight, Link is now a female Gerudo in this new game? (Archived)nesspoojeff106/13/2014
Would you be upset if Aonuma revealed Link was a girl? (Poll)y00001250056/13/2014
So how did past Zelda game reveals go as far as info coming out for them? (Archived)Cheko2015106/13/2014
There is a semi modern zelda tho. (Archived)apolloooo26/13/2014
I hope archery is the focal point in this game (Archived)bskiffington66/13/2014
I just noticed something in the trailer. (Archived)aLINKtothePANTS56/13/2014
From the quote I read, Aonuma never confirmed... (Archived)
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What do you call the OoT/MM/TP/HW style? (Archived)
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Let's discuss the actual scene (Archived)
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Just so I don't get locked out of the loop, when is the meeting where we decide (Archived)OpheliaAdenade96/12/2014
Come on, make Link left-handed again. (Archived)
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Zelda and Link as siblings: Yay or nay? (Archived)
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Why Are The Japanese So Obsessed With Teenagers? (Archived)
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Poll of the Day (Archived)toomanymouths66/12/2014
If Link WAS a girl (Archived)Groosetastic96/12/2014
Is Zelda A Mage? (Archived)Diggy_J26/12/2014
Thank you for the confirmation Aonuma. I now want to play buy this again. (Archived)
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love these graphics? (Poll)
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I'm super excited for GameXplain to take a look at the trailer footage (Archived)luigi3366/12/2014
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