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This game will be a giant mess. (Archived)Decapre86/11/2014
Who is our Hero Official Poll? (Poll)biohazard15176/11/2014
The Cloak in the Trailer (Archived)JackApostrophe76/11/2014
Let's settle this once and for all (Graphics poll) (Poll)Skyward_Soul86/11/2014
Figured it out (Archived)CasualAF86/11/2014
Why didn't they show a proper trailer? (Archived)samusmuncher296/11/2014
Is the character Link's brother/relative? (Archived)The_Ivory_Man56/11/2014
What? Do people not know what females look like anymore? (Archived)Decapre36/11/2014
Couple thoughts. (Archived)The_Ivory_Man26/11/2014
Better art syle: Zelda U or KH3? (Poll)Rurouni72066/11/2014
Only 1 week left until E3. Predict graphical style of Zelda Wii U! (Poll)
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Master Sword not going to be the primary weapon? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Lets discuss something legitimate here: Links fancy new arrows? (Archived)
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If Zelda is in this game and not playable, I want her to be a leader (Archived)
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This article is from 2012 but (Archived)ecylis106/11/2014
ITT: Abugumgum says things about the reveal. (Archived)
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Think we will see more this E3? (Archived)Frankula56/11/2014
If that's not Link (Archived)messhia_dark96/11/2014
He is male not female - The screen you saw were photoshopped (Archived)
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Interesting Read (Archived)
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